What is Balayage?

Model with Blonde Hair

Balayage is a free-hand hair coloring technique which is designed to create very natural-looking highlights and colors. This coloring technique emerged in Paris in the 1970s; the word “balayage” is French for “to sweep,” a reference to the way in which the color is applied. You may see balayage spelled “balliage.”

Highlights are hand painted in to the mid-lengths to ends of the hair, so that the color lightens gradually towards the ends of the hair. It utilizes a several colors, both high-lights and low-lights, to give the effect of a multi-dimensional color palate. The result can vary from a gentle ‘sun-kissed’ look or a more dramatic dip dye look. As it is a free-hand color application, there are infinite results and it all depends on what you ask for.

Balayage Hair Coloring

long flowing hair Balayage gives the look of different hair colors moving through the hair and out to lighter ends (as desired), making the end results of the Balayage extremely natural looking. Balayage results can be extremely subtle or widely adventurous. Balayage is not just for Blondes! Brunettes, Red heads, and naturally graying hair can greatly benefit.

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