Our stylists take advantage of educational opportunities to advance their technical expertise and versatility. They are known for their innovative cuts designed to complement your bone structure and hair type. Whether you are maintaining your current style or want to follow a new trend, you will find receptive, highly skilled professionals ready to provide you with the look you desire.

Proprietor of Touché, Marisa Tomasic, who was raised in Croatia, brings a background in art to her career as a beauty professional. Marisa lived and worked in Manhattan where she trained in prestigious salons (Elizabeth Arden and Georgette Klinger) before moving to Boston. In 2000, after building a strong reputation at the Michelle Kazan Salon on Newbury Street, Marisa became the proprietor of Touché, a finer salon, in Acton. Her flair for design, her European orientation, and her extensive experience in the glamour business contribute to the quality of Touché’s personalized services.

Marisa in lobby Stephanie and Marisa

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